C3 works with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) to improve educational outcomes for around 483,000 K-12 students in over 320 districts and nearly 1350 schools in the state. This state portal contains highlighted project stories, selected state initiatives, state data sources, state coordinating council (SCC) members, projects and services, and news items tailored specifically for Kansas.

Selected State Initiatives

2017 State Assessments

Kansas' goal is a balanced system of formative tools, and interim and summative assessments.

Equitable Access

Kansas believes all children deserve an equal opportunity to a quality education. Kansas children, regardless of race, income or disability, deserve access to a safe and healthy place to learn with rigorous expectations and excellent educators in every classroom.


"As defined by the Kansas State Board of Education, a successful high school graduate has the Academic and Cognitive preparation; Technical and Employability skills; and Civic engagement to be successful in postsecondary education, in the attainment of an industry recognized certification, or in the workforce."

Individual Plans of Study

"To assist more students to complete a postsecondary credential and be competitive in the labor market, it's crucial to begin career exploration and planning earlier in students' educational experience. The Kansas State Board of Education has set an Individual Plan of Study (IPS) for every student, beginning in the middle grades, as one of their State Student Success Outcomes to help students plan for success after high school."

Kansas Vision for Education

The Kansas State Board of Education has set a new Vision for Kansas education where "Kansas leads the world in the success of each student." The Kansans CAN vision calls for "a more student-focused system that provides support and resources for individual success."

Kindergarten Readiness

"School readiness occurs within a broad context that includes the community, educational environment, family, and the individual child. ...Early childhood experiences (birth–age 8) set the foundation for health, physical well-being, and the development of cognitive, communication, and social-emotional skills necessary for school success."

Postsecondary Success

Kansas defines Postsecondary as the "work-force, military, certification programs, and institutes of higher education." It is the measurement and tracking of these data regarding student participation and success that drives this Kansas State Board of Education outcome.

Social Emotional Character Development (SECD)

"SECD is teaching, practicing, modeling and encouraging essential personal life habits that are universally understood as making people good human beings and citizens."

News in Focus

C3 Project Update (May 2015) May 29, 2015

Kansas Project Update:  C3 and the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) collaborated with the KSDE Teacher License and Accreditation team in the Division of Learning Services (DLS) to improve that process.

Kansas Handwriting Curricular Standards December 10, 2014

Watch the video and read about Kansas Handwriting Curricular Standards development!

C3 Project Update (December 2014) December 03, 2014

Kansas Teacher Licensure Process Improvement

Kansas Highlighted Project - Handwriting Curricular Standards July 28, 2014
Kansas Highlighted Project - Teacher Licensure Process Improvement July 28, 2014
Kansas Education Commissioner DeBacker Announces Resignation May 12, 2014

The Kansas State Board of Education accepted the resignation of Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker, whose last day is May 14, 2014.

SEA Teams Work-based Learning Workshop 00, 0000

C3 supported KSDE during the SEA Teams Work-based Learning Workshop held on April 26-28, 2017.