SC3 Regional SIG Summit

Posted on March 31, 2014

The SC3 Regional SIG Summit will be held on April 10-11, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The SIG Summit will provide opportunities for SEA leadership to

•  network with one another and cultivate a regional community of learners;

•  explore the "how" and "what" of Arts Integration and its value in teaching and learning;

•  identify and consider strategies to leverage available resources and create organizational structures to support turnaround efforts; and

•  examine approaches to sustainability at the national, state, and local levels.


SC3 will facilitate

•  participation of state leadership from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma;

•  presentation on Arts Integration from a Kennedy Center Representative and a principal from Oklahoma City Public Schools; and

•  presentations from Carlas McCauley and Sam Redding from the Center on School Turnaround.


Outcomes will be:

•  Increased knowledge and better understanding of Arts Integration as a model for school improvement.

•  Improved understanding of best practices in leadership, progress monitoring, and sustainability for SIG schools.

•  Enhanced communication, coordination, and collaboration of a SIG community of learners across the SC3 region.