APQC Education North Star Conference

Posted on September 11, 2015

The Central and South Central Comprehensive Centers at the University of Oklahoma have invited state education leaders within both regions to attend the upcoming APQC Education North Star Conference on September 16-17, 2015, in Houston, Texas.  The purpose of this conference is to learn more about how Process and Performance Management methodologies that are helping education leaders save time and money and improve student outcomes work by redesigning old, broken, inefficient processes.  This conference is held annually, and last year it had over 100 K-12 leaders from across the U.S. and Australia in attendance.
APQC is a non-profit working globally in the areas of Knowledge Management, Process and Performance Management, and Benchmarking Best Practices.  Its education group has worked with over 125 school districts, regional service centers and state departments of Education in the last six years with great results.  C3 and SC3 have worked with APQC for over two years, and APQC has already done great work with the Kansas State Department of Education.  Learn more about the outstanding work completed by the Kansas State Department of Education as part of the North Star Community here:  http://c3ta.org/news/c3-project-update-december-2014-89.html
Kentucky Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday has used APQC’s guidance both for districts in Kentucky and for Iredell Statesville Public Schools when he was Superintendent there.  Holliday has this to say about APQC’s North Star work:  "The APQC North Star Project can deliver on education reform where many other initiatives have failed.  The North Star project will empower school systems to meet the needs of more students and staff and improve all educational outcomes."

More information on this conference here:  http://apqceducation.org/index.php/what-we-do/north-star-vision/179-ppm-conf-2015