C3/SC3/BSCP Strategic Communications Collaborative Convening

The Building State Capacity and Productivity Center, Central Comprehensive Center, Great Lakes Comprehensive Center, Midwest Comprehensive Center, Northwest Comprehensive Center, South Central Comprehensive Center, and Southeast Comprehensive Center are hosting a convening on Strategic Communications on July 1-2, 2015, in Denver Colorado.  The purposes of the convening are the following:

Session Recordings

Associated Documents

  1. Agenda
  2. Diane DeBacker Presentation
  3. Donna Richardson Presentation
  4. Framework
  5. Heather Zavadsky Presentation
  6. Information
  7. Notes (Today's Meet Transcript)
  8. Participant List
  9. Pre-Reading: Benchmark and Best Practices Report
  10. Pre-Reading: Considerations for JFMCC
  11. Pre-Reading: Principles from DOD
  12. Pre-Reading: Solutions Issue 5
  13. Pre-Reading: Solutions Issue 5 Spreadsheet
  14. Presenter Biographies
  15. Purposes, Outcomes, and Outputs
  16. Reflections and Applications Notes Matrix
  17. Romanita Matta-Barrera Presentation
  18. Terry Holiday Presentation
  19. Working Lunch Visuals