4th Annual C3/SC3 Regional Advisory Boards Pre-Meeting Materials

In preparation for the 4th Annual C3 and SC3 Regional Advisory Board meetings, which will be conducted in a virtual format, a packet of informational materials is available to RAB members and participants to assist them in gaining a working knowledge of the specific ESSA topics to be discussed during the meeting.

Associated Documents

  1. 1a ESSA Introductory Webcast
  2. 1b ESSA Introductory Webinar Slide Deck
  3. 2a What is a Comprehensive Center?
  4. 2b What Does C3 Do?
  5. 2c What Does SC3 Do?
  6. 3a ECS: ESSA's Well-Rounded Education
  7. 3b All4Ed: Teachers and School Leaders Primer
  8. 3c All4Ed: ESSA Accountability Chart
  9. 3d All4Ed: ESSA Accountability Primer
  10. 3e All4Ed: ESSA Assessment Primer
  11. 4a C3 RAB Participants Agenda
  12. 4b C3 RAB Invitees List
  13. 4c C3 RAB Presentation
  14. 5a SC3 RAB Agenda
  15. 5b SC3 RAB Invitee List
  16. 5c SC3 RAB Presentation