3rd Annual C3/SC3 Regional Advisory Boards Meeting

The 3rd annual C3/SC3 Regional Advisory Boards (RAB) Meeting was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 22-23, 2015. The role of the C3 and SC3 Advisory Boards is to guide the Centers' regional technical assistance (TA) initiatives. The RAB is composed of educational and community stakeholders from each state in the C3 region (Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri) and SC3 region (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma). The RAB structure and purpose were designated in legislation (Section 203, Title II of the Educational Technical Assistance Act (ETAA).

Convening a regional advisory board is part of the legislation in the design of the comprehensive centers, since members are appointed by each state's governor and Chief State School Officer (CSSO). The Regional Advisory Boards meet annually to provide feedback and guidance for C3/SC3 Technical Assistance services and regional work plan. Additional representatives from partner organizations who have supported C3 and SC3 with collaborative technical assistance initiatives will be part of the attendees, as will C3 and SC3 staff members. As members, they provide input on strategies for monitoring and addressing the educational needs of the region.

The Centers provide high quality TA and support initiatives promoting progress toward student academic achievement. Highlighted recommendations from the advisory board over the past have been in such areas as closing the achievement gap, school improvement, leadership, high school reform, innovations in education, and English language learners. This year the focus topic for the meeting was Cultivating Equity and Inclusion in a Diverse Educational World.

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  1. 2015 RAB Participants List
  2. 2015 Regional Adivsory Boards Presentation (with Kathy Wong Lau's Presentation)
  3. Agenda
  4. Bios
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  9. C3 State Educator Equity Profiles
  10. Case Study
  11. Crosswalk Prompts (Gorski)
  12. Equity Assistance Meeting Notes (RAB Meeting Sept. 2015)
  13. Notes
  14. Paul Gorski Equity Literacy Presentation
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  17. SC3 NAEP 8th Grade Math
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  19. SC3 State Educator Equity Profiles
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