Cross-center Regional Indian Education Collaborative: Moving Research into Practice in Indian Country

The South Central Comprehensive Center is one of four Comprehensive Centers, including the North Central Comprehensive Center, Northwest Comprehensive Center, West Comprehensive Center, and Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation, which receive additional funding to support Indian education as a priority. The Midwest Comprehensive Center also participated in this collaborative as a non-funded NACIE Center. These Centers met in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on June 3-4, 2015, to support collaboration among each Center's Indian Education Regional Advisory Committees. The convening was hosted by the South Central Comprehensive Center at the Oklahoma History Center. This convening serves as a follow-up to a previous meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, where two areas of focus (teacher/leader effectiveness and turning around low-performing schools) were identified as high priorities for the collaborative work. This convening continued to build on the work in each region to promote changes in the educational system at all levels (state education agency (SEA), local education agency (LEA), and school) as centers work to scale-up and sustain innovative and research-based practices supporting American Indian student achievement. Approximately 50 participants from across the western U.S. gathered to share information, discuss potential collaboration, and common concerns for their American Indian students. The Centers worked together to plan and organize this convening and engaged Regional Advisory Committees, ED/SEA/Comprehensive Center/Indian and tribal education staff members, practitioners, researchers, SEA Indian Education Directors, elected tribal leaders, institutions of higher education professors, Indian Education consultants, and partners in rich discussions about what is working and how to make a difference in the lives of American Indian students to close the achievement gap.

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  1. Additional Meeting Debrief/Notes
  2. Agenda
  3. American Indian Achievement Gap
  4. Anadarko Journey: Turning Around Low Performing Schools PPT
  5. Cross-center Regional Indian Ed Collaborative PPT
  6. Essential Questions
  7. Framing Self-Determination (RunningHorse Livingston) Part One PPT
  8. Framing Self-Determination (RunningHorse Livingston) Part Two PPT
  9. Hints for New Teachers
  10. Meeting Notes
  11. Montana Story (Mike Jetty) PPT
  12. Participants List
  13. Presenter Bios
  14. Reciprocal Teaching (Heather Hoak) PPT
  15. Traveler Questions
  16. Turning Around Low Performing Schools (Sharon Nelson-Barber) PPT
  17. Washington Tribal Impact Schools (Michael Vendiola) PPT
  18. WestEd Year 3 Update on Indian Education